The Adding Machine Off-Broadway


Lt. Charles!


Undone Off-Broadway



Playing ‘Anna’–A Victim of Sex-Trade.

Jessie Fahay tackles the character of Anna with sanguine intensity. A character with a mind polluted by years of abuse, Anna is at once pitiable and arresting. It’s a role that would have been easily botched by a lesser performer, but Fahay’s Anna powers through, and delivers perhaps the most merciless sequence I’ve ever seen in a one-person show.”




Career has included working with three touring companies playing roles such as Wendy from PETER PAN, Alice in ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Edith Frank in THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, and roles in over 20 Indie-Theatre productions in New York City, while being featured in several film projects. Currently performing regularly with Soul-Jazz Band, “Funk of 40,000 Years”. Training includes an Intensive-Study at Moscow Art Theatre School, Two-Year Conservatory Training at Actor’s Training Institute, Shakespeare Intensive-Study with Deloss Brown, On-Camera Training with Dani Super, and Classical Voice at Wickham Vocal Studios.

“Maria, on the other hand, has such rebellious fire and independence that it’s scarcely believable that she was a servant at all! This is hardly a criticism however, as Maria spends most of the play cooking up a plot to humiliate another servant, flirts heavily (and adeptly) with one of her Lady’s suitors, and then runs off to get married. Jessie Fahay’s interpretation of the character gives another welcome layer of sass to an already catty show.”–OuterStages

“Of the Actors in the Foreground, only Jessie Fahay as the Femme Fatale New Orleans Louise gives a credible performance.”–Off-Off Online.

“The actors in Hurt So Good gave an excellent performance; Jessie Fahay as Cecily respectively.” –



A book for actor-clarity.

A book for actor-clarity.

“What Method? The Different Ways an Actor Can Train.”